Intent Yoga Etiquette

Classes start on time and end on time. We lock the store front once classes start if there is no one to watch the front desk. Please make a point of arriving on time. If you know you will be late contact studio, or knock loudly so the instructor can hear and give them a chance to get door open.

New students should arrive 15 minutes early.

All new students must sign a Voluntary Participation and Liability Form. Ages 16-18 require a parent's signature. No yogi's under 16 unless accompanied by an adult.

The yoga studio is intended to be a sanctuary for you to find quiet from the chaos of our world. Help us keep it that way. Conversations should be moved out to changing area or the lobby

Wear comfy clothing. While our room is not artificially heated you will generate heat as it is meant to be...from the inside out. You may get sweaty and funky, we do not have showers. Bring your own towel or be prepared to rent one ($3).

We have a few mats for public use. Please help us keep them clean and our prop shelves tidy.

Stay hydrated. Poor hydration leads to muscle cramping and discomfort.

Bun in the oven? Please notify the instructor of your yoga experience and if you need help finding modifications.